Confession time )i(

Confession time. There are more steps to becoming a published author than I ever imagined. This is a learning journey of great proportions. You, my intrepid readers, play an important role. When I feel like I want to sit down and give up, I am reminded that people are waiting for an update, waiting for the next instalment, waiting to see the finished book…

For me the process of writing is easy. Taking my creation and working towards getting it published is not. Some essential tasks seem almost impossible!

Problem #1 Setting up a webpage is much harder than it looks. I made what I thought was a good start and then hit a brick wall I wasn’t able to get around. I tried many different ways and then I gave up. A few weeks later I am ready to revisit the how-to videos and make another attempt. Watch this page for updates in the coming weeks – I hope to have more links for you to click on!

Problem #2 I hit a snag with my email account and accidentally unsubscribed because I kept getting pop-up boxes asking for information that seemed irrelevant. So if anyone has emailed in the few days and is waiting for a reply, please accept my apology… and send the email again. The server deleted everything. That problem has now been fixed – happy dance here!

One of my rose drawings

My first manuscript moves closer towards publication.  White Rose of Promise fits in the Christian Romantic Suspense genre.

The goal of having a happy-ever-after ending seemed elusive, but the heroine arrives at the final chapter with joy in her heart and her faith made stronger by the adversity. The man she falls in love with remains a work in progress right to the end.

There are 26 chapters in the novel, one for each letter of the alphabet. If you guessed that each chapter starts with a letter of the alphabet from a-z you know me too well already!


The first chapter title:  Anticipation – A Promise Given. The companion text is Jeremiah 29:11-13 (NIV)

Chapter 1 image


To go with White Rose of Promise I am planning a colouring book and a devotional book based on the Bible reference texts that guided me through the chapter development. This image is a work in progress. I am still playing with design ideas.

White Rose of Promise is currently away from home, enjoying time with my Copy Editor. It will be a few weeks before I get it back. What happens after that is still unknown! I am hoping to self-publish so another learning opportunity is looming. Hopefully, it won’t be as tricky as setting up this webpage!


The manuscript left me at various stages to spend time with my amazing beta-readers (those brave friends who agreed to listen to my ideas and took the time to give me feedback). I keep in regular contact with my beta-readers, asking them random questions, and keeping them informed about the day to day challenges. If you would like more information about being part of the day to day discussion, please email me, or message me on facebook.



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