#4 Which Promise This Time?

Publications dates: eBook September 19, 2020, Paperback October 2, 2020

Which Promise This Time?

A random choice? A reckless plan? Or an unmerited opportunity?

Today she is Jezebel. She has had many names. Call her a survivor, a beautiful woman who avoids retribution by transforming into someone new. Her victims can never identify her. Her enemies are left chasing a shadow. Her origins are a mystery. Lies and deception have been her currency for too long.

Samson Davidson is a hardworking country man who has dedicated his life to serving others. He gave up his personal ambitions long ago when he made peace with his past. So why is he in Sydney, and what is his secret mission?

As her enemies close in, she needs a new victim. This righteous man seems the perfect candidate.
But too late, she realises her mistake…

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