Salamanda Appreciation Society

Here is the 2020 anthology cover

Class of 2020

Release Date for Paperback was Sunday 17th January 2020

The copyright for this paperback edition has been registered.
ISBN: 978-0-6489651-0-7

Class of 2021

Planned Release Date for Paperback is December 2021

Information about this project and news:

Chrissy began working with a Creative Writing Group at Dunalley Primary School in 2020. Each student writes their own story and they collaborate with other group members to share characters, events and timelines. The 2021 group are working hard to complete their stories for a September deadline for the first draft completion.

The 2020 anthology was published in January 2021. The paperback is available for purchase from the Dunalley Primary School office, or by contracting Chrissy.

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Here is the story seed:

Welcome to the first meeting of the Salamanda Appreciation Society. Thank you for subscribing to SAS. I look forward to receiving your scribbled notes as you speculate on your suspicions. 

As you known, Salamanda is selective about the people they associate with. Because Salamanda has sponsored your membership, each of you is special. Please write a few words about yourself and how you first came to learn about Salamanda. 

Please share what you know. Here are a few certainties as conversation starters: No one knows what Salamanda looks like. Tall or short? Dark or fair? He or she? Nothing is certain. 

But we do know that they are a secret agent, a sneaky spy, a shape shifter, a small-town saviour with superpowers out to change the world – one adventure at a time. 

Salamanda likes words that begin with the letter S. Words like secretive, sneaky and special. Do you have any more to add to the list? 

Any other suggestions for topics to write about? Send them my way, 

Chrissy )i(