#5 When Promises Are Forever

A dream job, the perfect boss, and a surprise invitation. An unexpected chance for happiness? Or a mistake that will cost her everything?

Through hard work and determination, Sara Messinger has earned her place in a prestigious Melbourne law firm. The young lawyer is grateful for the encouragement and support she has received, but she is not foolish. She carefully guards her heart.

Oliver Johnson is investigating a threat towards her wealthy employer, who comes from a powerful and secretive family. Sara’s name is on a list of potential suspects, but Oliver is certain that she is nothing more than an innocent bystander. That is, until her best friend decides to play matchmaker…

When Sara is drawn into a world where extortion, violent intimidation and betrayal are the common currency, Oliver is torn between his mission and an inexplicable urge to protect a woman who can never be his.

Available on Amazon and other eBook distribution networks, and as a paperback.

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