A snippet this week

Dried white roses, pressed after being photographed as part of my investigation for the cover of my first WIP White Rose of Promise.  I find it interesting that the white petals have turned brown. The first batch of flowers were thrown out, because I feared I had made a mistake.

“We all have stories to tell, of joy and pain, of hope and suffering and of the way we have found Christ in them. They should be told.” John Grayston, WordLive, 27/9/2018. Click here

The past week has been filled with some personal drama, and in between the unusual events, I have stitched together manuscript two When Promises Are Broken. There is still a lot of work ahead before I am ready to call for beta readers. Comment below if you would like to be on the team.

This month is Inktober, and I have been taking part in the online drawing challenge. The aim is to draw something every day and share on social media. I have created a separate page to share my progress.
To go with Inktober2018, I have added a 200-word writing challenge. Each little story will contain some of the backstories for the first manuscript, but there are no spoilers. I hope my readers enjoy the opportunity to get to know my heroine prior to her first published adventure. )i(