Announcing Book 4

Here are the books from the series that are currently available. I am still waiting for the printer to confirm the date for the fourth title, but the eBook editions are available (Amazon and other popular platforms).

Click here to view information about the series.

I have been tidying up the tabs on the home page. There is now a tab that will take you to the River Wild Romantic Suspense page which has the information for all the related projects. Clicking on the images on that page then takes readers to the individual pages for each of the books.

Book 5 in the series is written and when I get my alpha reader reports back, I will start sending it out to my beta readers. An alpha reader gets the first draft with all the mistakes. The beta readers get the revised version for their comments. The editor has scheduled this manuscript for November-February 2021, with a projected publication date of April. I’m not making any promises, because ANYTHING could happen between now and then to throw the schedule out. The main characters are the two girls who appear in chapter 26 of the first book (Sara is the ‘heroine’ and Gina is her ‘friend’), and Oliver, the helicopter pilot who gets dragged into Piper’s adventures in Book 2, 3 and 4.

Book 6 in the series is being written now. I have finished the first two chapters, and am collecting inspirational verses that suggest there will be the usual kind of challenging situations for the characters to endure. In this story, the central characters are Sigrid (one of Piper’s agents – she appears in Books 3, 4 and 5) and Kurt (you meet him in Book 4)

I think that’s enough news for today 😉