Announcing Book 4

Here are the books from the series that are currently available. I am still waiting for the printer to confirm the date for the fourth title, but the eBook editions are available (Amazon and other popular platforms).

Click here to view information about the series.

I have been tidying up the tabs on the home page. There is now a tab that will take you to the River Wild Romantic Suspense page which has the information for all the related projects. Clicking on the images on that page then takes readers to the individual pages for each of the books.

Book 5 in the series is written and when I get my alpha reader reports back, I will start sending it out to my beta readers. An alpha reader gets the first draft with all the mistakes. The beta readers get the revised version for their comments. The editor has scheduled this manuscript for November-February 2021, with a projected publication date of April. I’m not making any promises, because ANYTHING could happen between now and then to throw the schedule out. The main characters are the two girls who appear in chapter 26 of the first book (Sara is the ‘heroine’ and Gina is her ‘friend’), and Oliver, the helicopter pilot who gets dragged into Piper’s adventures in Book 2, 3 and 4.

Book 6 in the series is being written now. I have finished the first two chapters, and am collecting inspirational verses that suggest there will be the usual kind of challenging situations for the characters to endure. In this story, the central characters are Sigrid (one of Piper’s agents – she appears in Books 3, 4 and 5) and Kurt (you meet him in Book 4)

I think that’s enough news for today 😉

Balance – Part 3

Photo by Andrew Beierle from FreeImages

Do you recognise the toy depicted on this sign? I have a childhood memory featuring a large wooden plank that would accommodate at least eight players. It came with a high risk that someone might fall off and hurt themselves.

Those were the days before warning signs.
The danger added to the excitement.

Much later, I learned the science behind the seesaw game. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Or “What goes up must come down”.

Click here for the original photo by Andrew Beierle

What does this have to do with the writing journey? As one end of the seesaw rises towards the sky the other end drops towards the ground. For everyone involved, both on the way up, and again on the way down, there is a moment where the seesaw is in perfect balance. That is what I’m aiming for as a writer, that momentary perfection.

A seesaw needs more than one player to utilise it properly. Each person needs to negotiate with the other/s in order to anticipate actions and reactions.

Without readers,
the writing adventure
would have no momentum.
Thanks for joining me
in the game 🙂

In the last few weeks, I finished the first draft of Book 5 (When Promises are Forever) – possible release early 2021. I began negotiations about the cover for my first fantasy novella (pre-Christmas release) and received back the copy-edited Book 4 manuscript (Which Promise This Time?) which is scheduled for an early September release. I also brainstormed the opening chapters for Book 6 (no title yet). The accompanying up and down emotions have included confidence, self-doubt, anger, excitement, exhilaration and fear.

Writers are complicated souls. They work long solitary hours writing their stories. But after the story is published, they anticipate some kind of response from their readers. Without feedback, questions and comments from readers, the momentum can be lost.

That brings my reflections on balance to a close. Let me know if you have any suggestions for future posts. Until next time, I pray that you keep safe, achieve balance in work and play, and find time for reading.

Chrissy )i(